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Bit-by-bit Philippines 1: Manila Zoo

I guess in this bit-by-bit journey of my mine I could be able to show the world the beauties beyond the corners of the Philippines but were not given justice and left undone.

Here below is what I did/saw on my visit to Manila Zoo:

- Manila Zoo Entrance

Below is the map of the zoo (located near the entrance).


Below is a zebra (an African black horse) that has lost its stripes. how sad!

Below is Mali the elephant, he’s alone there and his cage were a bit dirty and nasty. =(

Below is a close encounter with Mali!

And (due to M’s persistence) we did a photo op with the burmese ‘albino’ python for 100 bucks (P100 with souvenir pictures). 

Please keep visiting manila zoo, it may seem too petty but it will help, a lot actually. They need volunteers too, for sure the animals would love to have some of your time. =)))))

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